Timothy Schoonover
February 12, 2020
3 years ago

The PromaTimes Group is the independent, state-owned news source for the nation of Promatia founded on 8 February 2020. Although it is state-owned, it aims to be as independent as possible and has no connections to Ministries of the government. We do not share propaganda, but we aim to widen the discussion by providing the facts and sharing opinions from our opinion journalists.

In this mission, we aim to show the Promatian perspective on global and domestic stories in a professional, orderly, and effective manner that both entertains and provokes important discussions about issues and events in the world and in Promatia.

The best decisions are made when all voices can be shared and when all facts are available in a free, open platform.

Although we have direct political opinions, we allow for opinion articles to be published using the platform. These articles do not reflect any official opinions of the PromaTimes Group, the Government of Promatia, or the nation of Promatia.

The purpose of PromaTimes is to allow the people of Promatia and the world to learn about our new nation and learn about the news events and allow for Promatians to share their opinions and ideas.

Our authors include Timothy Schoonover (United States), Robert King (South Africa), and Dominus Vilicus (Australia).

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