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Adelaide Total Confirmed Coronavirus Cases Increase To 253 Cases

Adelaide's coronavirus (COVID-19) cases increase to 253, bringing the total nationwide count over 2,810 cases

See Also: Adelaide Coronavirus Count Increases to 25 (Dated 24th March, 2020)

Government Announces Additional Welfare Payments

The Australian Government has announced welfare payment increases of $550 to combat the loss of jobs and ensure welfare for Australians, with minimum $20,000 being granted to businesses to keep on staff and pay bills.

Government Places Restrictions on Gatherings

Essential gatherings must restrict the number of people present to:

  • 500 for outdoor gatherings
  • 100 for indoor gatherings

Many countries have been enforcing mandatory curfews, allowing people only to travel for essentials such as good It’s likely that Australia may be forced into a similar situation as numbers continue to increase.