Boris Johnson wants to be a Churchill. If he messes up, he could end up being a Chamberlain

Robert King
February 13, 2020
3 years ago

Now, for many that will be a tremendously triggering title. If you read it in The Guardian or The Independent, you could without a doubt claim that some vegan cappuccino socialist who lives in a muti-million pound home in Islington and attends a protest every weekend wrote it (and you would be 100% correct). However, I am none of those things and this is not a left-wing website (nor a right-wing one, there are a wide-range of views here). Instead, I am a populist proponent of Boris, Brexit and everything great about Britain and I have strong confidence that he will go down in history as one of our most successful prime ministers (he's already Got Brexit Done - mostly).

Yet it would unprofessional of me not to realise some of his flaws - and trust me there are already some significant ones, most notably HS2 and Huawei (more on that in a bit).

I believe Boris has a grand vision for this country, a vision of a wealthy, free-trading, futuristic Britain - which many of us (no matter our political affiliation or ideology) will share. Now, the road to that vision consists of many segments from special economic zones to massive spending programs to historic infrastructure projects (such as the impressive, yet useless, bridge across the Irish Sea). Not a completely libertarian vision for Britain, but if we get richer, I don't care.

However, actions act louder than words and visions and there are many people (especially within the Conservative Party) who are deeply concerned with some of the decisions taken recently - in particular relating to his infrastructure plans.

I will make it clear now, Britain should NOT deal with Huawei (it should also cancel HS2, but that is a story for another time). It is a fatuous move, that lacks very little reasoning and has absolute disregard for the national security of the country. For god's sake, Huawei is a large multinational corporation in authoritarian China - the state's tenticals will be crawling through every department of this corporation (and someday through the departments of British government).

But what's wrong with outsourcing crucial infrastructure to China, you may ask? Well, there is the slight issue, that China hacks us, our corporations and our allies. They are not our friends and quite frankly, the West has been engaging in cyber warfare with the Chinese for years now. That's how ludicrous this situation is. I say in the title that Boris could be the next Chamberlain, but that would be an understatement. This is like the British contracting Hitler's Volkswagen to build British military vehicles in the Second World War and then telling us there is nothing to worry about.

This furthermore risks undermining what Brexit set out to achieve. The fact that we regained control from the tyranny of the European Union, only to surrender the sovereignty of some of our most important communication infrastructure to an even more undemocratic, authoritarian (and somewhat stable) government, makes the last four years pointless. Why leave the Empire of Europe (which was at least being honest about being an empire) to join China's ever growing secret neo-colonialist empire?

Britain must cancel any agreements with Huawei and regain sovereignty over our infrastructure once more. Let me clarify that I don't oppose, international firms operating in building the 5G systems in the UK - but we must have confidence that they don't threaten our way of life, our security, and our sovereignty.

Boris, if you are reading this, if you want to be remembered as the man who built Britain as a nation fit for the 21st century (and beyond) - DON'T SELL US OUT TO CHINA and DUMP HUAWEI!

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