COVID-19 Fact Chceking based on new evidence.

Xenith Takiane
February 13, 2020
3 years ago

Ratings: Very True, Mostly True, Somewhat True, Mixture, Unknown, Somewhat False, Mostly False, Very False.

There’s a ‘coronavirus patent’.

Very False - You ARE able to patent viruses. There is no existing patent for COVID-19. There is a patent for SARS, but was filled after its natural origin discovery. This is the patent people are referencing. Which is not a patent for COVID-19, but for a coronavirus based vaccine treatment.

FEMA ‘proposes martial law’.

Very False - This never happened, and would likely not happen unless the situation worsens to a point normal function of society is not possible.

Gates Foundation predicted virus, ‘funded group who owns virus patent’.

Mostly False - There is not coronavirus or COVID-19 patent, yet, therefore they cannot own the virus patent. As was mentioned before, the patent referenced comes from vaccine research which was paid for by the UK government via Pirbright Institute. Which shares members with the WHO (World Health Organisation) and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Additionally, the Gates Foundation donated to an organization that ran a virus simulation that did use a coronavirus as its example. But this is not a prediction.

Coronavirus was ‘created in a lab’ as a ‘bioweapon for population control’.

Mixture - There is sigificant evidence suggesting that COVID-19 is lab created. It is almost certainly, not, a population control measure although we cannot prove this one way or another.

China ‘stole Coronavirus from Canada and weaponized it into a Bioweapon’.

Mostly False - Coronavirus material was stolen from Canada’s National Microbiology Laboratory in Winnipeg by virologist Xiangguo Qiu, her colleague and husband Keding Cheng, as well as an unknown number of her students; and was shifted into possession of the CCP. There is no evidence to connect this to the Wuhan sourced coronavirus. There is no evidence that COVID-19 has been weaponized.

China will admit virus came from lab ‘linked to its covert biological weapon programs’.

Unknown - You cannot predict the future. There is significant evidence linking it to the Wuhan Institute of Virology lab, but we don't know if the Chinese will admit to that information. We do not know if it was a biological weapon test, or for legitimate gain of function research.

There are ‘reports of 10,000 dead in Wuhan’.

Somewhat True - There are reports of 10,000 dead in Wuhan. There were report of this from Wuhan about 3 weeks before now. It was likely Very False by that time. Now evidence suggests, gathered by OSINT (Open Source Intelligence), and the Indian intelligence community, that an unexpectedly large number of bodies are being burned in Wuhan. This number totals 16,000-24,000 at this current time, and appears to be increasing at a rate of 2,000-3,000 bodies per day. "Rising sulfur dioxide levels in air around Wuhan suggests Chinese government could be burning thousands of bodies to contain coronavirus outbreak. - CNN". Sulfur dioxide is released when burning ANY organic matter, so fossil fuels could be a source of the gas. However, this high density has been detected over city of the Wuhan and downtown Wuhan. A "significant amount" of fossil fuels would need to be burning to match particulate levels. Which is unlikely for a city where no cars are allowed to drive, people are locked in their homes for curfew, and supplies chains of every kind are lacking across then entire nation of China. Including the shipment of fuel.

Where is so much SO2 in the area, doesn't even show an amount over 80 micrograms per meter cubed by default. You have to use custom settings to show true data.

Image shows the SO2 Levels over Wuhan at 8am EST 13th of Feb 2020
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