How Promatia approaches climate change

Timothy Schoonover
March 13, 2020
3 years ago

In Promatimes, we've covered climate change before, but what's Promatia's specific approach for dealing with climate change?

Promatia has developed two main categories of dealing with climate change: preventative measures, or attempting to prevent climate change as best as possible, and deterrence measures, or planning methods to deter the effects of climate change.

All public policy in Promatia relates to these two measures. For the preventative measures category, through the Energy Act, the government will prohibit the use of fossil fuels for energy by 2050. The fossil fuel industry in Promatia will have a state-owned monopoly: Promagas.

Having a state-owned monopoly over the fossil fuel industry will allow for government price controls to limit the usage of fossil fuels when deemed necessary. All of the profits made from Promagas will be reinvested in green energy or in deterrence infrastructure.

In addition to funding green energy through Promagas, the government will create a sovereign wealth fund (SWF) meant to invest on behalf of the government into green energy for profit.

This has the positive effect of helping solve the long term effects of climate change by limiting fossil fuel emissions and could, in the long term, help the government gain alternative methods of raising income without raising taxes.

The government's deterrence investments include investing in ways to produce food in worse conditions through moonshot projects, preventing the rising sea levels, developing knowing that rising sea levels are inevitable, and learning new ways to take carbon dioxide and other fossil fuels out of the environment such as through manipulating the cloud cover.

The government believes that public policy should be within the two extremes of all-out fear and ignoring, or postponing the risks. Productive action backed by scientists and economists alike will be able to help Promatia, and the world, prevent as much as possible the effects of climate change, and prepare for its effects as well as possible.

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