PromaTimes Launches

Timothy Schoonover
February 8, 2020
3 years ago

PromaTimes is glad to finally announce it's launch. The website will be getting regular updates and new features such as fact-checks, better structure and better mobile optimisation

What is PromaTimes?

PromaTimes is Promatia's government news publication. PromaTimes writes objective news about Promatia, and also other world politics.

PromaTimes exists to help increase awareness and notoriety of Promatia, and help connect the world with what goes on inside Promatia, as well as to assist the government in keeping accountable with its promises.

PromaTimes will be posting regular articles about the settlement efforts, government plans, and general developments about Promatia. Additionally, we will be writing about world politics, to increase the number of readers, and general awareness of PromaTimes as a reputable news organisation, which will help make PromaTimes and Promatia more notable.

Is PromaTimes independent?

PromaTimes is a ministry of the government, however, due to Promatia's decentralised government, it is considered a nonpartisan, independent and separate organisation from any other executive ministries.

Since Promatia's government consists of multiple independent and autonomous bodies, PromaTime's minister is not accountable to any other ministers or ministries and has full independence and neutrality from other ministries.

PromaTimes, despite being part of the Promatian government is objective and 3rd-party towards other ministries, due to the decentralised nature of the government.

Guest posts written by Promatian Ministers or members of other ministries will be marked as such, to promote transparency.

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